Millions of views, millions of fans, all courted by brands, by TV, by cinema…who are the Youtubers? One of the new creative directors of Armando Testa, Jacopo Morini will explain it all to us. He will act as moderator of “Be Successful On Youtube Tips And Tricks” which is part of the rich programming of IF! Italians Festival. Some of the most famous Italian Youtubers will all be on stage together for the first time: Cane Secco, Cotto and Frullato, iPantellas, Sistiana and WithLoveBrunella.

Jacopo Morini, one of the first creatives to study the phenomenon has involved the Italian webstars with the most followers in creating viral, web series and TV formats. He will use interviews with the stars of this new digital scenario to explain to the audience the language used by this new generation of communicators who millions of young people follow.

The event is open to everyone.

Appointment Friday 3 October, from 10.00 to 12.00 at Teatro Parenti, Sala Grande.

For further information and updates on the event consult the site Italiansfestival, Facebook, dedicated YouTube channel and profile at Twitter @IFItaliansFest with hashtag #ItaliansFestival.


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