When a severe headache really takes hold  … Momentact! creativity by Armando Testa

Momentact has returned to communication.  This is the solution from the Moment range that quickly frees you from severe headaches, symbolically represented by...

Crema Pan di Stelle and Armando Testa bring an even better dream to TV

“Can a dream get even better?” After the launch of the new campaign “Sogna, è buonissimo” (“Dream, it’s great), Pan di Stelle returns to TV screens with a new 15” ad dedicated to the new Crema recipe, which today is even...

Esselunga and Armando Testa celebrate the value of saving

Mega installations, a podcast with Radio24 and an event with Gerry Scotti to rediscover the value of saving with Esselunga and Armando Testa During a historical period like the one we are experiencing at the...

New Tantum Verde Collutorio (mouth wash) rinsesssssss away mouth pain! Creativity by Armando Testa

Tantum Verde Collutorio communication is back on TV. This is one of the brand’s best known and best loved products, which has always been an effective self-medicating way to tackle pain in the oral cavity. 

“Fit your uniqueness”: Peuterey celebrates everyone’s uniqueness with their F/W 2022/23 collection, star of the campaign created by Armando Testa

“Fit your Uniqueness” is an invitation to accept yourself, like yourself and love yourself.    “Fit your Uniqueness” means deciding to feel good about yourself, to proudly show your own identity and what makes you exceptional. 

Italian summer turns yellow, with Chiquita and Armando Testa.

What have summer, Chiquita bananas and Italy got in common? Lots of things: the colour of the sun, smiles, naturalness and all the unmistakeable flavour of simplicity. So what better idea than to welcome tourists to our...


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