Chiquita and Armando Testa take us to a yellow world of goodness

Beautiful, colourful, good and naturally able to bring joy: a Chiquita banana, you know ... that's what it’s like, because it’s always...

Peuterey launches its Fall Winter 2021/22 Collection with the campaign “life is better together” created by Armando Testa

Together life is better: joys multiply and the burden of daily challenges is lightened. Today more than ever we know how true this is and how much we all need human relationships and personal contact.

New Paella Bontà Pronte: with Riso Gallo and Armando Testa, the ad is served

A new edition of the Bontà Pronte ad by Armando Testa has been on air since 25 July on Mediaset, Cairo, Discovery and Sky channels. It also features a teaser dedicated to the latest addition to the...

Mediaworld: Turin – a strategic city, a new “smart” store opens in the city centre July 15

With the new MediaWorld Smart technology, consultancy and services are available to people in Turin in the refined historical city centre  MediaWorld has confirmed that for them Turin is a strategic city. The leader...

“More Than Science”: the B20 Healthcare & Life Sciences task force with Armando Testa to remember the fundamental role of scientific research

Economic prosperity, cultural life, social relationships, individual and collective wellbeing and even democracy all depend on health. In the last year the world has become more aware of this than ever before.  That’s why the B20 Healthcare and Life...

Lines Petalo and Armando Testa, together in a new delicate but strong campaign, just like women.

Being delicate doesn’t mean being fragile. Being romantic doesn’t mean being ingenuous. And being sensitive doesn’t mean being weak. Every woman is delicate and strong, gentle and tenacious, sensitive and gutsy at the same time.


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