Alfasigma, Armando Testa and Initiative together for the communication launch of the Onligol brand.


The new reference launched on the target market with a multi-channel campaign.

The pharmaceutical company ALfasigma represents a benchmark in the gastrointestinal area, both for consumer as well as primary care products. Today they are entering the laxatives market with the Onligol Line.

The Onligol brand is today addressing the general public for the first time. After winning the communication pitch, Armando Testa has been entrusted with supporting the launch of the brand on television, along with Initiative, working alongside the group to manage the media side.

At the heart of the creative idea we find the symbolism of constipation and its symptoms: a  real “bummer of life” and if you suffer from it you feel its full weight and it prevents you from living life freely. This is where the action of Onligol comes into play, delicately freeing up the intestinal tract and “getting rid of the burden of constipation”so that the protagonists finally feel relaxed again.

The film with an empathetic tone comes to life thanks to the colourful and dynamic direction from Paolo Monico. 

The campaign has been on air since 26 May on main television stations and on digital channels. 

The media strategy was developed by initiative with the goal to maximize coverage on main TV broadcasters, digital channels and platforms to introduce the new reference to the public, focusing on brand awareness and consideration.  


Client: Alfasigma

Director Consumer Healthcare: Adelaide Raia 

Marketing Director Consumer Healthcare: Serena Ferrari 

Marketing Manager Gastro Intestinal: Silvia Lanzarini 

Brand Manager: Alessia Braga 

Media Manager: Barbara Orsi

Advisor: VA Consulting/Ebiquity Alessandro Arbitrio, Alessandra Pasquini, Matteo Siffredi

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Direction: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

Creative Team: Marcello Maiorana, Mariacarmen Ranieri, Chiara Demichelis

Head of Client Service: Giovanna Farè

Client Service: Chiara Bonet

Production Company: The Family 

Director: Paolo Monico

Media Agency: Initiative