The campaign focuses on the playful and positive character of the iconic banana brand and issues an invitation to face life with a smile because smiling is natural, just like a Chiquita!

At the core is a contemporary TV spot developed by leading advertising agency Armando Testa, which has been managing the brand’s communication in Italy and Europe for a number of years.

Michele Mariani, Armando Testa executive creative director, explained the vision behind the campaign:

“Just Smile! features a series of light-hearted video vignettes showing the global community interacting with Chiquita. All the ingredients are there: the iconic bright yellow banana, the friendly Miss Chiquita, the fun blue sticker, the involving Chiquita Song, all brought together to represent a universe of positive, smiling people, even if only for a second, because nothing is more contagious than a smile.”

Jim Hill, European Marketing Manager for Chiquita, further added:

“The Just Smile TV campaign was built off research led by our Global Consumer Insights Manager, Stefano Perilli, and rooted in our fun and playful positioning, building on the emotional equity behind the brand.All pre-testing indicates the campaign, backed by a strong media investment from our new owners, will further cement Chiquita’s position as the best loved banana brand”.

“Just Smile!” will hit TV’s starting March and later in September running across 6 markets: Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, and will be further supported by a targeted digital media investment. It will form part of a fully integrated campaign also visible through outdoor and print media, retail channels, web and social media, ensuring everyone gets the chance to smile with Chiquita.

The Armando Testa team was made up of art director Laura Sironi with copy by Federica Saraniti Lana, and executive creative direction from Michele Mariani. Account director Nicola Crivelli. TVC directed by Danxzen, production company Haibun. Jingle by Catilina Sherman.

You can see the different versions of the tvc on YouTube Chiquita Channel


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