Lancia Ypsilon is celebrating its thirtieth birthday with a new communication which manages to convey all the values the Ypsilon brand has embodied since its birth and which for thirty long years have made more than two million Italians fall in love: style, elegance, ability to interpret traditions in a modern way.

In a small town in the South of Italy a friendly, lively kid catches a glimpse of the lines of a Lancia Ypsilon on the horizon as it travels gracefully along the curves of the countryside. This vision triggers the kid to start running along the streets of the town to warn the inhabitants that someone special is on their way. In the meanwhile, the Ypsilon, which is being driven by a beautiful young woman, arrives in town. But the streets are deserted, the shops are all empty and there’s not a living soul to be seen. It looks like a ghost town. Where has everybody got to? Shortly after we’ll discover that the inhabitants have prepared a fantastic surprise party: they’ll all come out of hiding to wish Lancia Ypsilon and the woman an amazing Happy Birthday: “Happy birthday to Ypsilon. Happy birthday to you.”

The creativity underlines the link that there has always been between Ypsilon and traditions, but also its ability to always convey them in a novel way, in step with the times: the atmosphere and the typical traditions evoked by a small town in the south of Italy are revisited in a modern, more fashionable style and the characters are all well developed for both image and styling. To celebrate along with Lancia Ypsilon and the 2 million Italians who’ve always loved it, thirty years embodying style and elegance.

The ad was created by the Armando Testa agency with creative direction from Raffaele Balducci.

Directed by Ago Panini with production company Akita Film.

The campaign has been planned in the press, on radio, TV and web.


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