Pomellato has announced the launch of its new integrated international project: #PomellatoForWomen, which makes its debut in press and on the web during international women’s day, 8 March 2017.

The new concept, conceived by Pomellato in collaboration with the Armando Testa agency, is based on the brand values and presents a contemporary take on the idea of female beauty.

True authentic beauty, which challenges preconceived stereotypes, and rejects the idea that only absolute perfection counts and shows how much truth, personality and the diversity of women are to be valued.

This strong message carries the signature of the undisputed maestro of contemporary photography, the only one able to free women from all superfluous elements, able to capture their spirit while engaging directly with their hearts: Peter Lindbergh.

His sensitive vision has succeeded in immortalising the expression of real beauty without time or space – always the inspiration for Pomellato and its women -in a series of moving black and white portraits.

The campaign features six talented, committed women who are perfectly in tune with themselves, yet are far from the canons of pre-established aesthetics, from different cultural and geographical origins, but united in affirming their own personality: Anh Duong, artist; Rosemary Ferguson, nutritionist; Caroline Corbetta, art curator; Helen Nonini, brand advisor; Pihla Hintikka, writer; Larissa Hofmann, visual artist.

Unique women who resemble no one else, who express their charisma and talent in a courageous and authentic way.

The message Pomellato is promoting is an important one and it is embodied in the concept #PomellatoForWomen. A true anthem which invites all women to embrace and cherish their diversity, celebrating their individuality and sensitivity every day in a spontaneous and authentic way.

With executive creative direction from Michele Mariani, art director Michela Repellino and copywriter Roberta Montagnoli worked on the project which was coordinated by client service director Tiziana Travo, and account Carola Sessa.

Production of the photos shot by Peter Lindbergh and Eric Maillet, was handled by The Production Club.


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