InTesta is taking on some new colours in 2017.

InTesta is the agency in the Armando Testa Group which specialises in graphic design and packaging, and they are now ready to handle the communication for the Osama brand, leader in the sector of writing instruments for more than forty years.

Armed with crayons, markers, pencils and pens, the inTesta team is up and ready to conquer new market segments.

Indeed, Osama produces and markets products for all age ranges, from kids to adults and is proud of its dynamic product research department which always welcomes innovation.

InTesta is already at work for the new school year, with a number of projects which are sure to leave their mark. In colour, of course.

After collaborating on a number of initiatives, Osama decided to confirm their trust in inTesta with a two-year contract, which includes strategic development as well as the communication for the launch of new Osama branded product lines.

One thing is certain; it’s going to be a colourful adventure!