The light taste of the Alice pizzas, the Italian pizzeria franchise, has invaded the streets of Rome, as created by InTesta. Part of Armando Testa Group, the agency has developed the dynamic corporate campaign and decor-dynamics to communicate the variety and the lightness of the Alice pizzas.

The origin of the idea comes from the product itself, a particularly light dough but full of taste and imagination.

The close-up images of the pizza highlight different combinations, inviting passers-by to pause and enjoy the novelty. Tram number 8 will feature six subjects as it runs along the city centre streets bringing all the great flavours of a good pizza to town.

The same visuals are also the stars of the press subject “franchising” which was conceived to present the winning “Alice Pizza” format to all those potential entrepreneurs operating in the food sector. The campaign will be planned in trade press and in the run up to the most important agribusiness fairs.

The communication project is complemented by the development of a new graphic look & feel for the POS materials for around 100 “Alice Pizza” shops operating throughout Italy.


Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group

Creativity: Maddalena Testa (art director), Delia Laviola (copywriter)

Client Service: Andrea Rosa Ammaturo

Photographer: Riccardo Abbondanza