Fiuggi is an historical Italian brand which is famous as a water but also for the benefits its thermal spas provide. Communicating again, a new ad has been created to coincide with the start of the football world cup.

This is the first one created by the new Armando Testa agency.

In the new Fiuggi ad, the agency uses a style as fresh, essential, clean and light as water to show wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle as absolute protagonists.

What better than Fiuggi to promote a life style where daily wellbeing is fundamental, and so become its real sponsor, as the ad emphasises.

The protagonist is a friendly positive character, who is always on the move, who keeps fit, relaxes and enjoys life in the open air and who drinks well. Because he drinks Acqua Fiuggi, which can truly declare itself to be “Sponsor of daily wellbeing”.

The 15” edit of the ad will be planned from the first match on TV today, on all Mediaset channels, just before kick off, during the first rounds of the football world cup.

The ad was developed with creative direction from Dario Anania, with Roberto Gargano as art director and Maria Meioli responsible for the copy.


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