“We’ve all been kids. Let’s not forget it”. This is the concept created by the Armando Testa agency for the new campaign for the historical association Vidas, which has been offering terminally ill patients and their families complete care and assistance free of charge for 33 years.

This time the objective is very ambitious: raise funds to build a new Casa Sollievo Bimbi (Home for relief for children) which is being build in Milan next to Casa Vidas.

A truly heartfelt race has taken off in support of this project: an amazing number of personalities from the world of cinema, showbiz, culture, fashion, music from Milan and from Italy, have given their time and as much backing as possible.

Emanuela Cavazzini partner of Brand-Cross was eager to join the project and produced the ad, she also got Silvio Muccino involved, as director and testimonial, just like Vittoria Belvedere, Teresa Mannino, Ale & Franz.

But they’re not the only celebrities: Fedez, Linus from radio DeeJay, Dolce and Gabbana, Lella Costa, as well cultural commentators such as Philippe Daverio and Ferruccio De Bortoli.

The star of the TV ad is a wonderful enormous Carousel funfair ride where some of the testimonials relive the emotions and fun they enjoyed as kids, to the notes of a tune which expresses great love of life.

In the name of the kids that they once were, they have left a strong clear message: childhood should not be forgotten; just as less fortunate kids should not be forgotten.

The photographs are by Stefano Babic, who shot each of the testimonials with an old toy, which is a tender souvenir of their childhood.

Nicola Belli comments: “Helping Vidas is an honour. Helping Vidas in this new project involving terminally ill kids is a duty. Helping Vidas – my father was one of the many people who received relief – is a pleasure. I am, we are proud of the way our “call” was followed by with a landslide effect from prominent busy personalities who wanted to take part in this project. Thank you to everyone.”

The Armando Testa agency Milan developed the logo for the new building as well as the ad for and the outdoor campaign, press and radio are planned for January 2016.

This solidarity challenge also saw the exceptional involvement of Chicco which made available some of the rare examples from their company museum collection Museo del Cavallo Giocattolo.

As well as the TV and press campaign, the project will also be publicised using radio and obviously social media.


Creative Direction

Dario Anania, Vincenzo Celli

Creative Service

Roberto Gargano, Maria Meioli

Client Service

Nicola Belli, Board member responsible for Innovation and Development, Manager of the Milan branch

Tiziana Perotti, Director of Client Service

Lucia Scaffardi, Account Senior


Stefano Babic for the Agency Multi – Annapia Lorenzi

Matteo Vallé@Zatdigitalartwork


BRAND-CROSS production

PASTE UP video postproduction

Antonio D’Ambrosio – music


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