Chiquita is communicating again with “Pink About It”, their new campaign which aims to raise awareness and sensitise public opinion on the topic of breast cancer research and prevention.

October is the month for prevention: traditional treatments are currently making enormous progress, but early diagnosis remains the best tool to make the treatment as effective as possible.

Chiquita has demonstrated its strong social responsibility and pays particular attention to health issues: indeed, for a number of years it has produced a special edition of its iconic Blue Sticker, replacing it with the now famous “Pink Sticker” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The brand has now added a CSR campaign to this operation. The aim is to provide information and be involving thanks to the use of pop language, but also to make the target reflect.

The Armando Testa digital unit has chosen a visual synthesis full of impact: two bananas side by side bring to mind a woman’s cleavage. One of the two disappears leaving an empty space, then the copy outlines the campaign insight: early diagnosis can give hope, which should not be allowed to disappear.

The campaign is integrated and cross-media, and is part of a communication environment that includes several touchpoints, both online and offline. Development both on DOOH totems with 10 “and 20” video cuts and in the digital world. The Armando Testa social team has created a series of ad hoc contents for Facebook and Instagram, integrated into the special “Pink” editorial plan created for the month of October.

Media planning by Local Planet, the global media network of independent agencies of which Media Italia (Armando Testa Group) is one of the founding partners.


Creativity: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative Director: Antonello Falcone

Art Director: Giulia Richetta

Copywriter: Gabriella De Stefano

Chief Digital Officer: Giuseppe Mayer

Client Service Director: Nicola Crivelli

Account Team: Gina Graci, Gabriele Nolfo

Social Media Manager: Chiara Guadagnini

Media planning: Local Planet