For the first time Lines presents its specific line of protection for all types of leaks which require rapid absorbency.

The star is an attractive elegant woman in her 50s who joins her colleagues in a restaurant during a work break. The woman is friendly and sure of herself thanks to Lady protection, which is specially designed for active women just like her who have lots of commitments. Her self-confidence is demonstrated by the glass of water that she casually drinks and by her involving laughter.

The scene then moves to a neutral setting where the star explains to the viewers why she feels so self-assured. We see her opening two symbolic gift packages from Lines which contain the new Lines Seta Lady pads and the new Lady Intervallo panty liners to underline the innovation.

Then she shows their greater absorbency of liquids and odour protection, thanks to the exclusive odour control molecule.

The invitation “vivi la sicurezza Lady”, (Experience Lady confidence) closes the film with a knowing smile from the star.

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative director: Piero Reinerio

Art director supervisor: Monica Barbalonga

Copy: Chiara Demichelis

Production company: Little Bull

Director: Leo Solanes

Media Planning: Media Italia