It features the couple formed by Enrico Brignano-Tullio Solenghi together again. This time they have to contend with an appointment which is traditional not only in Paradise but also for all Italians: Sunday Lunch.

So we will see that classic moment when everyone comes together to enjoy each other’s company but also to enjoy the pleasure of good food.

Solenghi in his role of Saint Peter is the host and he involves not only the inhabitants of Heaven, but as a surprise all the inhabitants of the Earth too…

Because as Peter wisely says “We like to enjoy Sunday Lunch with everyone!”

Brignano turns up in his Sunday Best to underline just how important this occasion is and how special it is as a family tradition for us, and that’s not all, because he also brings along a coffee which is suitable for such an important event: Qualità Oro Lavazza. Indeed what better occasion could there be to enjoy such a refined blend with a rich taste?

The story closes with another fun twist and why not, it is also instructive about how to interpret (and reverse) roles in heaven.

The ad was created by the Armando Testa agency and like all the Paradise campaign the creative direction is by Mauro Mortaroli, copy by Leonardo Manzini and it was directed by Alessandro D’Alatri, Production company Filmmaster Productions.

It will air on all TV channels and on the web.


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