He’s got a tender smile, a magic scarf and glistening shoes, he departed from the seventh star on the left and arrived on earth on Sunday 4 September 2016. Pan di Stelle presents an amazing friend: Pan Pan, a friend from dreams.

Just like Pan di Stelle, he was born from a meeting between a flash in a dream, a puff of magic stars and a handful of cocoa powder (the best in the whole universe!) and Pan Pan has a important mission: to remind everyone, even those who sometimes forget, of the magic power of dreams.

Not just a testimonial, but a bit more: a projection of the I-dreamer in every one of us. Created by the Testa agency, Pan Pan was born as the ideal bridge between a brand ambassador, representing the mission and values and something which is inside everyone’s heart, which is easy to recognise when you are young and beautiful to retrieve again when you are older.

Never more than today have we wanted to reiterate the importance of believing in dreams, and with this new communication Pan di Stelle, the outstanding lovebrand, uses its little ambassador to dominate the unique territory it owns, with its strong value contents, even more.

Its strong distinctiveness adds to this, thanks to the original and inimitable recipe which brings together dreamy ingredients and the magic of an emotional world, made of magic stars and adventure.

Mini teasers on the web accompany the new campaign “Il Potere Dei Sogni” (The Power of Dreams”): interviews with kids – including the star of the film – where they talk about their dreams and wishes, and laser rays that let you fly and who they’d like to meet in their dreams and about this magical friend who is on his way.

Creative direction from Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca, Benedetta Buzzoni and Sofia Coen account service. Production Company BRW Filmland, directed by Eli Sverdlov, post production Nineteentwenty London, food Vittorio Sacco.

Music by Serena Menarini and Alessandro Branca, web episodes by Jacopo Morini from Testa Digital Hub (Armando Testa Group).