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Stroili has made its jewellery attractive to a crosscutting audience, while still maintaining its key product features of luxury and beauty and value.

Today it can boast 370 direct sales points. These represent a unique format for the world of jewellery, and thanks to a blend of elegance, Italian style, top quality and glamour, they offer the prefect interpretation of contemporary living and being.

In addition they are present in 1,000 stores at the international level in 24 countries including the United Arab Emirates, China, Spain and Germany.

Research, design, attention to the client and the ability to foresee trends are the added values which have enabled Stroili to grow in the market and win the competition with other players.

2013 closed with a positive performance: Stroili recorded income of 210 million euros, growth of 5% on the previous year. One of the objectives set for 2014 is expansion of the brand in new international markets such as the USA and Russia, as well as continued growth in markets where it is already present.


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