We can relive the story of talented modern Infasil researcher, as she cycles off to work, she feels that there is a need to develop a deodorant that transforms sweat into freshness, all of this is played out to the notes of the song “I’ve got you under my skin”, re-orchestrated specially with a refined dynamic style. Despite the heat and her exertion, the researcher is fresh and sure of herself when she arrives in her lab. Thanks to the exclusive Infasil formula, we see that she is at ease with her colleagues even when they are close together.

The demo explains the action of the deodorant, showing how the 2C molecule manages to capture even perspiration of stronger intensity, releasing each time just as much fresh perfume to prove the claim: “Più sudi, più sai di fresco”. (“The more you sweat, the fresher you smell”)

At the end of her working day, the researcher takes her bike to meet her boyfriend waiting for her in the city centre. Since she feels just as fresh as she did in the morning, she throws her arms around his neck in a confidence and relaxed way. The symbolic embrace of the Infasil logo and the packshot appear against this scene.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, Monica Barbalonga was the art director on the project with copy from Chiara Demichelis. Directed by Carlo Sigon for production company Little Bull.