ACRAF – TANTUM VERDE NATURA CHEWABLE TABLETS “Donna al vento” 15″ (Woman in the wind)

The 15” spot to launch the Tantum Verde Natura chewable tablets will be on air on the main TV broadcasters and the web from 15 December. These are the latest innovation from the Tantum Verde line, which has always cared for our throats.

Created by the Armando Testa agency, the ad focuses on the beginning of winter and tackles the notion of “it gets tough” with the softness of Tantum Verde Natura’s innovative chewable tablets.

Set in a city we see a young woman facing a blast of cold wind. A whirlwind of dry leaves blows around her but she has her allies for her throat with her: Tantum Verde Natura’s new chewable tablets with propyl and zinc, natural ingredients cleverly blended together by Angelini research and clearly identified in the 3D demo. These tablets are especially good to be enjoyed in two flavours Eucalyptus and Honey and Lemon and Honey. The ad ends with the protagonist ready to face the winter in relaxed way.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Laura Pelissero and copywriter Francesca Palazzo worked on this project. Directed by Marcello Lucini for production company Little Bull (Armando Testa Group).


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