Baci Perugina, the most famous product on chocolate earth, Perugia, is communicating again on TV with a completely new film created by Armando Testa.

The film embodies all the values of love and emotion which have made Baci Perugina Italians’ most loved brand.

And they’ve decided to return right at Christmastime. Because Baci have always spoken of love, universal love from the historical boyfriend girlfriend couple to the love which brings all the family together.

And at Christmas more than ever, we are driven by that great desire to give, share and be together.

That is the spirit of Baci Perugina’s new Christmas film, created by the Armando Testa agency and directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

Such a delicate, symbolic film full of poetry that it makes this brand’s return to TV over the Christmas period unforgettable.

The desire of a little girl, followed up with a small gesture, becomes an act of love towards the whole community where she lives.

The little girl leaves a Bacio Perugina under the snow and waits for a miracle to happen.
That wait is full of hope and it brings forth a wonderful shining bright Baci tree, the uncontested symbol of Christmas and an anthem to life, which everyone can gather around.

Gabriele Salvatores has managed to tell the tale of this magical Christmas with a delicate and emotional story, to the notes of the legendary Baci Perugina music.

“L’amore più si condivide, più si moltiplica”. (The more you share love, the bigger it gets)

That’s how this film ends. This is a beautiful Christmas tale, which everyone would love to believe in.

The TV campaign runs from 6 December.
Digial support plan is also foreseen.

Communication created by Armando Testa agency with creative direction from Vincenzo Celli and Dario Anania.
Production company Indiana Productions. Directed by Gabriele Salvatores.


Client: NESTLÉ
Company: Perugina
Brand: Baci
Director General Manager of Nestlé Bakery Division: Corrado Castrovillari
Marketing Manager Baci & Impulse: Francesco Burelli
Marketing Manager Perugina: Federico Giorgio Marrano
Group Brand Manager Baci Perugina: Stefania Urso
Baci Perugina Brand Manager: Monica Ballabeni


Production Company: INDIANA PRODUCTION
Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti
Producer: Silvia Bergamaschi
Post Producer: Alga Pastorelli
Director of Production: Attila Mancarella
Director of Photography: Manfredo Archinto
Set Design: Rita Rabassini
Styling: Patrizia Chericoni
Video Post Production Video: EDI Effetti Digitali
Audio Post Production: Bravagente
Music: Luciano Rigamonti, Peperoncino Studio

Client Director: Luca Bollattino
Creative Direction: Vincenzo Celli and Dario Anania


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