For a few days now photos and videos of people wearing panda helmets have been making a splash on Facebook and Instagram…. Here’s what it’s all about:

For Earth Hour 2018, the worldwide hour dedicated to the earth, WWF organised a night-time bike ride in Rome and other major Italian towns, involving thousands of people. After the great success of the campaign to protect pink flamingos with J-Ax, Armando Testa’s branded content team headed by Jacopo Morini, created a fun FB filter to support the WWF project for Earth Hour 2018 and make it go viral on social media.

«We wanted to transform the avalanche of filters and stickers that are used on social media just for amusement into something that could convey an important message and we succeeded by exploring AUGMENTED REALITY and thanks to our guys in the Armando Testa TECH & INNOVATION TEAM, we created a fun filter, but with an important message», comments Jacopo Morini.

The filter makes a bike helmet in the shape of a panda appear on the user’s head and handlebars with a bell (it sounds when you touch your smartphone screen), it was then developed using a network of showbiz celebrities and web influencers who are sensitive to the cause including Cristina Chiabotto, Luca Abete from “Striscia la Notiza”, Melita Toniolo, Leonardo De Carli, Edoardo Mecca as well as many others. We reached hundreds of thousand of users who in their turn became ambassadors of the event thanks to this innovate and enjoyable filter.

Another great project from Armando Testa, a company which never stops investing in creativity and technology. In particular the new tech & innovation team not only creates sites and apps, but is already creating filters, stickers, 3D posts for national and international brands (Chiquita – to cite just one example) monitoring all the technological and entertainment opportunities that above all social media such as Facebook and Instagram come up with every month.

In the photo Jacopo Morini with the Armando Testa Tech & Innovation Team:

Jacopo Morini: Head of Branded Content Armando Testa

Marco Savojardo: Tech & Innovation Leader

Damiano Gui: User Experience Designer

Mario Boemi: Tech developer