At the end of a consultation involving a number of agencies, Acqua Fiuggi, the prestigious historical Italian brand, selected Armando Testa, the leading Italian communications group for the repositioning, rebranding and promotion of its range of assets: Acqua Fiuggi, the historical Thermal Springs, the golf course and the tour operator. This choice is surely based on historical values, but it also definitely looks to the future.

Fiuggi is one of the most important and ancient spa resorts in Europe, once referred to as “the water of Michelangelo”. This oligomineral water is famous all over the world for its beneficial properties, but today it offers a much wider set of assets all concerned with well-being and health. For this reason the delicate work of repositioning, rebranding and therefore communication had to be entrusted to someone with the skills to convey all the historical and cultural heritage that the name Fiuggi represents, while also appreciating all the future opportunities.

The Armando Testa Group was able to respond to the needs of the company, also thanks to the range of strenghts within the group. In particular, all the rebranding work, the analysis and strategic positioning, the creation of the product campaign right up to the creation of web and social content, was conceived and developed by inTesta, the company in the Group that has always dealt with these activities, also for other prestigious Italian customers.

The Armando Testa Group thus becomes the guardian brand of the complex architecture of values that the Società Acqua & Terme Fiuggi represents today and which it wishes to represent ever more in the future.

“We were proud to note how many communications agencies participated in the pitch and this underlines how attractive our brand still is. Choosing the Armando Testa Group represents the best combination of high profile companies and the start of the process of modernization and professional communication that we intend to develop for our entire company assets” declares Carlo Marai, Sole Director of Acqua and Terme Fiuggi. “It’s been a long time since we” drank “good water, but we did not want to drink just anything: because waters are not all the same”! declares Nicola Belli, managing director of Armando Testa.


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