Elegance and adrenaline in the new short to celebrate 180 years of Riva with Favino, Beckham and Leclerc to pay homage to this success story.  Artistic direction by Armando Testa and produced by Armando Testa Studios


After the success of “Riva in the Movie” in Venice in 2020 which was a tribute to the world of cinema by the historic Italian luxury yacht brand, this new chapter dedicated to the legendary shipyard, commemorates an important date: 180 years of the historic brand. The new short inspired by the British television series “The Persuaders”, known in Italy as “Attenti a quei due”, was presented in a world premier last Saturday in Venice and from today it is online on You Tube and social networks.

The short was shot and produced by Armando Testa Studios, in a sealed-off set on the coast between Sanremo and Monaco in May, with artistic direction from the Armando Testa agency and directed by the international director Federico Brugia. 

                                                                                                                                                                      Just like the original film, conceived and produced in 1971 and 1972 by Robert Baker and all played on the light-hearted contrast between Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, the new film created by Riva features two exceptional characters who are very different from each other and so ideal to get sparks flying, but at the same time, they have one thing in common – their innate elegance: Pierfrancesco Favino and David Beckham.

Summoned under a pretext to an elegant seaside resort that reminds us of the Riviera or the Côte d’Azur in the ‘70s, just like in the TV series, they find themselves competing in an adrenaline-fueled but also ironic way, racing splendid fast sports cars. And above all, of course, two wonderful boats like the Riva Diable and Riva Rivale, which whiz by at full speed chasing and overtaking each other, until they reach a super yacht where there’s a surprise ending to the action.

After adrenaline filled chases and races, highs and lows and lots of laughter there is the big surprise waiting for them at their destination: Formula One champion Charles Leclerc, obviously the first to reach the yacht, is there to greet them with a sly invitation for a speed challenge, but this time… on a toy car track! The film ends by summing up the spirit of the brand in the best possible way: endless elegance, great speed, fun and lots of class.

 “Riva’s is a history of film and this extraordinary short, starring this sensational trio is the perfect way to celebrate their 180th anniversary. I’d like to thank Pierfrancesco, David and Charles for the passion and fun they put into the project: the result is spectacular.” comments Alberto Galassi lawyer and CEO of the Ferretti Group “At the time I was an avid fan of the TV series “The Persuaders”, for us Italians “Attenti a quei due”, and I found the same ironic and elegant style in this little gem. As always, Riva gives great emotions”.

For Marco Testa, President of the Armando Testa Group, “the opportunity to put together an iconic brand like Riva, great Italian heritage, and a cast of international superstars, for us at Armando Testa was not a job but a dream come true!” 

The film will be launched worldwide from June 16 following the premier at the Fenice in Venice to celebrate Riva’s 180th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of Aquarama, the brand’s long-time icon.


Ferretti Group Team

CEO: Alberto Galassi

Director of Communication: Enrico Sgarbi

Head of brand communication: Jacopo Gessa

Riva Communication Leader: Maria Beatrice Baraldini

Communication Specialist: Piero Galassi Ferrari

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative team: Barbara Ghiotti, Sara Greco

Client service: Raffaele Reinerio, Arianna Cipolloni

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Federico Brugia

DOP: Luca Esposito

Post production: Band


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