An attractive 50-year-old woman introduces the qualities of the product to us. She has decided to try it based on a friend’s advice. We see her in flashbacks, first of all at the supermarket in front of the shelves as she chooses the most suitable Lines Specialist for her and then at home when, puzzled, she looks at just how thin the pad is and wonders whether it can absorb. In view of the risk of embarrassing “accidents” she tries it out by pouring on a glass of water. The liquid disappears and the pad remains dry. The test has removed all doubts!

But absorbency is not the only quality of the product. And it is clear she is very satisfied as she emphasises: “with Lines Specialist any odour disappears!” A demo shows the double odour control technology which blocks and neutralises any odour.

The protagonist is clearly satisfied with her choice and concludes in a convinced way: “It’s thin, but it absorbs so much!!”

The ad ends with an invitation for a free Lines Specialist trial while the images show us some products in the range.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Monica Barbalonga and copywriter Mariarosa Galleano worked on this project. Director: Marcello Lucini. Production Company: Little Bull. Planning Media Italia.