Why take your headache on holiday? The new spot for the Angelini Group’s Moment was created by the Armando Testa agency and it is on air on TV and the web. It is an invitation to carry with you Moment rapid action even in its 36-value pack.

The protagonist is an attractive girl with a sub-aqua mask on her forehead. A close up of her expression shows she is suffering, this is emphasised by mask graphically coloured red, with the word “headache” throbbing gently. After seeing the packs of Moment 12 and Moment 36 enhanced with 3D treatment and capsule flying off rapidly leaving the characteristic typical wake behind it, we see the girl smiling and relieved and the mask has returned to its original colour. We then see the protagonist underwater as she explores the sea bed “because good times can’t wait”!

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Monica Barbalonga and copywriter Mariarosa Galleano worked on this project. Director: Marcello Lucini. Production Company: Little Bull.