IEO and Monzino with Armando Testa to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases: two new campaigns for donating 5×1000 in tax returns underway.


The European Oncology Institute is celebrating 30 years of activity: 30 years of commitment in a range of fields to combat tumours.

And the new fundraising campaign for 5×1000, created by the Armando Testa agency, is an opportunity to celebrate this fight, where research, innovation and focus on the patient continue to make the IEO an excellence in the field of oncology. 

That’s how the campaign came to life. It has a strong emotional impact building on a concept that has always typified the history of the Institute: cancer is afraid of the IEO. And today we’re explaining why. The characteristics of cancer, the most frightening ones, are just the same as the ones that have made the IEO such a fearsome opponent for 30 years. Cancer is strong, fast, tenacious, cancer runs fast, but “IEO even more so”, this is the brand’s new concept. It’s the doctors who proudly show the strength of the IEO, as it comes to life through their shadows as they take on the shape of animals ready to fight.

The Monzino Cardiology Centre represents a benchmark in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Part of the same group as IEO, which has decided to dominate the period when you can make a 5×1000 tax donation, with a bold and memorable campaign, featuring the doctors as writers, authors penning strong statements of defiance towards cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen the love they feel for research, care and innovation. “Monzino fighting for the heart” is the slogan created by Armando Testa, to reinforce the fighting attitude of the people who struggle every day to ensure their patients’ hearts go on beating.

 Both creative shots were by photographer Gabriele Inzaghi.

The campaigns will be on air in early May and will feature on traditional and digital media during the 5×1000 promotion period.

Media planning by Media Italia.

In addition, a video to celebrate 30 years of IEO will be created. 


Client: IEO

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Georgia Ferraro and Nicola Cellemme 

Creative team: Lorenzo Blangiardo, Maria Meioli, Roberta Campagna

Client director: Sascha van der Plas

Photographer: Gabriele Inzaghi

Media planning: Media Italia