Lavazza and Armando Testa, YES! we’re OPEN


“Yes! We’re Open” is the title of the Lavazza 2023 Calendar, created by photographer Alex Prager, with creative direction from the Armando Testa agency.

A series of initiatives, always in collaboration with Armando Testa, followed the official presentation at the Milan Triennale. And there are more to follow.

The Lavazza Flagship Store in Piazza San Fedele was specially fitted with window decals and posters as were other prestigious coffee shops in Milan.

Domination on WeTransfer with the most expressive photos from the Calendar and the video-manifesto.

A campaign and various social activities to find out more about the project and the site.

This year’s site is even more special since it is dedicated not only to “Yes! We’re open” but also to the last ten years of the Calendar associated with sustainability and the projects from the Lavazza Foundation, using an “Easter egg” section, hidden in the shots by Alex Prager.

“Yes! We’re Open” is a universal message of inclusion and welcome, launched by Lavazza in the area it dominates i.e. coffee shops/bars.

Because a coffee shop is the most democratic place in the world, where prejudice has never existed, and labels never applied, where everyone is welcome.

And, according to Armando Testa and Lavazza that’s why we can read “Yes! We’re open” both on the door of a coffee shop and on the cover of the Calendar.

A sign that is much more than an invitation: a promise, a message of freedom and welcome which comes along at a historical moment of (re)opening of coffee shops after some difficult years.

The is the true positioning of Lavazza, accurately reflecting the values of this global brand which has been “open” since 1895.

For the creative concept, development and realization from Armando Testa:

Michele Mariani, Executive Creative Director

Federico Bonenti and Andrea Lantelme, Copy and art Creative Directors

Michela Repellino, Graphic Designer

Antonella Raso, Junior Copy

Ottavia Giola, Junior Art

For the digital part and creation of the site:

Gabriella De Stefano and Paolo Fenoglio Creative Directors

Marco Savojardo Chief Technology Officer

Maria Matarrese UX designer

Silvia Maistrello UI Designer

Antonio Pezzella Creative Developer

Luca Perli Motion Designer

Account Team and Project Management: Gina Graci, Francesca Romaldo, Federica Cartocci.


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