Mottura:  systems for blinds and sun protection, combining customisation and performance. The new campaign created by  Armando Testa.


New press creativity for Mottura S.p.A. developed by the Armando Testa agency, inspired by two important features of the Italian product: on the one hand, the ability to satisfy any requirement since everything is tailor-made; on the other, the ability to determine optimal heat levesl in the home, having a fundamental impact on well-being and quality of life.

The first print subject presents the tailor-made customisation, because “the perfect blind is tailor-made for you”: drawing a parallel with sartorial features, Mottura’s ability to create entirely tailor-made products, capable of dressing spaces with style and elegance, is presented. The quality and prestige of the fabrics, combined with the functionality of the blinds systems, create a high performance product, which, at the same time, is refined.   

The second press subject  focuses on technology and the functionality of Mottura’s sun protection. Such high performing products really deserve to be at the starting point in the construction of a new house: Indeed “A project” “that starts with sun protection”. Letting you keep the heat outside the house, they ensure energy efficiency.

The second subject focuses on the technology and functionality of Mottura solar shading. These products are so high-performance that they deserve to be the starting point in the construction of a new home: “A project”, in fact, “that starts with solar shading”. They allow you to keep the heat outside the house, ensuring important effficiency.

The campaign will run from April in the main decor and interior design magazines. The Armando Testa agency also plans digital presence consisting of display advertising formula, developed on social media on Meta as well as advertorias in the main trade presss. 

Strategy and media planning managed by Media Italia.

Mottura has been providing window furnishings in Italy and all over the world since  1963 (in more than 70 countries) with a wide range of blind systems created by highly specialistist workers. Technology and design combine to guarantee first class performance in terms of sun protection, resistence to temperature, condensation and atmospheric agents, ensuring reductions in energy costs and greater home comfort.


Client: Mottura S.p.A.

Marketing Manager: Camilla Lovera

Agency: Armando Testa 

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Sarin Demirdjian, Valeria Villani

Social: Sara Zavattaro

Client director: Giovanna Farè

Client service: Gabriele Nolfo

Media: Media Italia