“Joining Armando Testa is returning back for me. There are lots of reasons which make me very happy. Firstly because it is a “welcome back”, since I took my first steps in advertising in Armando Testa London, then Paris and Milan.

The second reason is that I was looking for an opportunity which would allow me to combine my strong Italian identity with an equally strong international vocation. And Armando Testa has always represented the Italian advertising brand which has been on the side of Italian brands throughout the world. 100% made in Italy, worldwide.

There is a third reason which is very timely, which makes everything even more exciting and makes me realise that sometimes things just happen at the right time.

Despite everything that is said and heard, Italy has not reached the end of the line. Quite the reverse, it is on the starting blocks.

And all together, we Italians have a duty to make our contribution in such a way as to ensure that this new departure is both speedy and ongoing.

How? The recipe is really easy… working, united, to make sure that all things Italian make a comeback and are once again admired all over the world.”

Nicola Belli joins the Board of Directors of Armando Testa as “Advisor responsible for innovation and development as well as being in charge of the Milan Branch”, after years of successful experience firstly as CEO of 1861 United (WPP) on acquired clients such as Sky, Vodafone, Ikea – to name just a few- and still in the role of CEO of DLVBBDO (Omnicom), with Sisal, Chebanca, Wall Street English WW, Yamaha Europe and others.

“Life’s too short not to be Italian,” declares Nicola Belli.

“This is what I’ve been feeling for a number of years as really strong desrie and this is the sentiment which has spurred me on in recent months to look for a “tricolour” challenge with an international flavour.