Baci Perugina has always epitomised Italians’ feelings of love.

When we can’t express it with words, a poetic verse, a quote from a song, an aphorism or a quote enclosed in a love note says it all.

Because a Bacio is much more than a chocolate, it’s a way of communicating.

An artist who knows how to speak to the hearts of lovers with his words making every moment of love unforgettable has joined Baci Perugina for Valentine’s Day.

This year Fedez is the one who finds the words for all the lovers in Italy.

Exceptionally popular particularly among youngsters, Fedez has lots of fans and is a singer who’s never lost for words.

This unusual choice is certainly unexpected, just like love, never repetitive and always surprising.

Thirty of the best expressions taken from Fedez’s songs along with ten originals will feature in the new Baci Perugina Limited Edition packs. The graphics on the pack are an exact reproduction of the tattoos that Fedez has.

The love notes have been updated and not only in their contents, also inspired by the singer’s world.

The Armando Testa agency created the campaign and the project of integrated communication which includes all media, TV, outdoor, radio social media.

The two young lovers return to TV and this time they kiss to the notes of “Magnifico” by Fedez, which is the sound track to the whole project.

In the second part, the nib of a pen draws out the name Fedez, using a style inspired by his world.

And the real novelty that will truly surprise everyone, fans and lovers, is the release of an unconventional video on the which naturally stars Fedez.

It is a video dedicated to love, created to be personalised and shared online so that it becomes a truly original gift.

Fedez himself will promote it on social media in an equally unconventional way.

The video was created by the Armando Testa agency, and directed by Mauro Russo, responsible for numerous videos made by the artist, including his latest hit.

The technical part and the online platform were developed by The Big Now, Baci Perugina’s digital agency.

The launch of the video on the web is planned for 2 February and it will mark the debut of the entire communication project.

With creative direction from Dario Anania and Vincenzo Celli, Roberto Gargano and Maria Meioli, respectively art director and copy writer, worked on the project for the Armando Testa agency.