It is the first time in the history of social communication that an idea and a cause have taken hold in such a totally involving, strong emotional way.

So strong that with the ”Good Heart Challenge” ARMANDO TESTA has launched a solidarity drive around a fund-raising project to build a new paediatric centre, Casa Sollievo Bimbi VIDAS,( Kids’ Respite Home) in Milan next to the existing, Casa Vidas.

So strong that it has brought together the talents and the time of a wide range of personalities who are so different, butwho all share the same good heart:

LINUS from Radio Deejay and the director SILVIO MUCCINO; the art critic PHILIPPE DAVERIO designers DOLCE&GABBANA; the actress LELLA COSTA and FERRUCCIO DE BORTOLI; comics ALE AND FRANZ, the actress VITTORIA BELVEDERE, as well as TV presenter TERESA MANNINO.

And the drive goes on.


Added support from FEDEZ, rapper, TV personality and record producer, and from DEBORA VILLA TV funnywoman. And then also artist and singer J-AX, followed immediately by singer and TV personality ELIO (Stefano Belisario) as well as sports journalist and commentator GUIDO MEDA.

In a world of numbers, marketing, big data, anyone’s big heart can help to relieve the suffering of a terminally ill kid and his/her family.


VIDAS is a historical association and for more than 30 years it has been offering complete assistance free of charge to the terminally ill and their families. This project was immediately warmly embraced by theArmando Testa agency which came up with the concept:

“We’ve all been kids, let’s not forget it”.

This was the pivotal concept for the agency to create a no-profit film, a press campaign and outdoor ad.

The TV FILM TV shot by SILVIO MUCCINOshows a number of protagonists getting on to a wonderful carrousel to relive the emotions they felt as kids. In the name of the kids they once were, they all send out a strong clear message: childhood should not be forgotten just like those less fortunate kids should not be forgotten.

The film was produced thanks to the unstinting work of Emanuela Cavazzini and her production company Brand Cross.

In the PRESS campaign, the shots taken by Stefano Babic feature each of these personalities with an old toy, as a tender reminder of their childhood.

Lots of these toys come from the Private Collection of the Museo del Cavallo Giocattolo, and they are unique and rare works made available by CHICCO and the Catelli family. The same subjects of the press campaign will also be used for the OUTDOOR.

It was an enthusiastic drive with no stopping it. For everyone the real finishing line is to collect funds for the VIDAS cause, using IBAN IT09J0335901600100000015590.

Only when we reach that, will the race really be over.

And we’ll all be winners together.