Riso Gallo and Armando Testa talk about the Italian art of making risotto with a new international campaign.

The new multi-subject Riso Gallo press campaign, created by Armando Testa is now running in the UK. It features the Premium line of Risi per Risotto in the Traditional, Carnaroli and Arborio varieties from sustainable agriculture, as well as the My Risotto Perfetto line, thanks to which anyone can feel like a true chef, and also the Rustico line, with Rustico Nero and Rustico Rosso, which are ideal for anyone looking for healthy but tasty recipes. 

A TV commercial was already on air in 2020, and this campaign too uses delicate ink and watercolour illustrations that bring to mind the lands where Riso Gallo has its origins, the rice fields of the Po Valley, and also a typical kitchen where you can prepare and enjoy recipes like real chefs, and a delicious dish of rice, associated with the drawing of a flower to express all the naturalness, lightness and authenticity of the product.

The campaign is planned until December in the main B2B and B2C food titles.


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Dario D’Angelo, Daniele Bona

Account Team: Gina Graci, Federica Cartocci

Illustrations: Alessandra Scandella


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