Teneroni di Casa Modena invites you “meatballing”! Launch of the new Teneroni Meatballs created by the Armando Testa Group

Teneroni di Casa Modena, the brand well-known for its tender hamburgers, has launched, Teneroni Le Polpette, a new recipe based on cooked ham, with creativity by the Armando Testa Group.

The first part of the film is set in a historic farmhouse, and it reminds us that the original ham-based hamburgers are prepared in such a simple and genuine way. The second part focuses on the launch of this new entry.

It’s an ordinary day at home like many others, a young mother invites her kids and husband to “meatball” and in no time at all she prepares a delicious meal with Teneroni Meatballs along with all their favourite ingredients and everyone is bursting with enthusiasm. The success of the dinner is assured thanks to the tenderness and great flavour of the meatballs, the whole family can’t resist them.

With the launch of their meatballs, the Teneroni brand reaffirms how practical their products are, adding a gastronomic touch to satisfy young and old.

The ad closes with an image of the farmhouse and the historic claim “Teneroni di Casa Modena. Maestri nei Salumi” which reaffirms the link with tradition and the genuineness of all Casa Modena products.

The film is on air on main television channels and the web.


Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive Creative Direction: Georgia Ferraro and Nicola Cellemme

Creative Team: Cristina Macchi, Chiara Demichelis

Account Team: Emanuele Cicogna Mozzoni, Chiara Simone

Production Company: Film Good

Director: Luca Lucini


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