Passion, creativity, harmony, teamwork. Armando Testa and Tescoma, leader in the kitchen and household utensils sector, began their story one afternoon in 2020: it was supposed to be an exploratory meeting in view of a pitch, but immediately turned into a working team. After closing the year with two radio ads and a digital plan dedicated to Christmas, today Armando Testa is ready to launch a large scale outdoor, press and social campaign from 25th February and to kick off the production of a 30” TV ad. It starts off with multi-subject press and outdoor, planned throughout Italy, and with the launch of the new claim: “La tua casa, la tua storia.”(Your home, your story.)

The campaign was developed by Armando Testa’s creative and strategic team, and it starts from a contemporary insight: the home is becoming more and more not just the place where we live, but the setting for very personal, unique stories, about relationships, flavours, points of view. So, inspired by the world of timeless, most wonderful fairy tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Tom Thumb… – the campaign describes occasions in life when people, along with Tescoma products, create special moments.

“Our collaboration with the Armando Testa team has really taken off in these early months of 2021, when Tescoma is celebrating 25 years of activity in Italy. I see it as a fantastic gift, a new turning point in our communication, so that we can face future challenges in the market with enthusiasm.

What’s more working with an all-female team just like us has been very positive, a great experience of women supporting women.”

comments Nicoletta Abeni, marketing and communication director of Tescoma Italy.                                                                                        “We are super happy with this new route we’re taking together, we were immediately thrilled at the idea of working side by side, and the passion the whole Tescoma team puts into everything.” said Benedetta Buzzoni, client director, and Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca, creative directors in Armando Testa. “The evolution in the way we experience our homes was our focus of concentration. There’s a desire to feel more and more we are the heroes of a special story. But some things never change: the fairy tales of our childhood smell like a freshly baked cake. The new campaign mixes together a number of ingredients: fairy tales, much-needed little smiles, and people’s truth. We wanted our creativity kitchen to produce something with a special flavour, made even more real thanks to the times we are living through: people need to dream, and they’re doing so more and more in their homes and especially in their kitchens. “

The campaign starts on February 25th with three subjects inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Tom Thumb, then continues with three other fairy tales in the second half of the year. The TV film will be directed by Matteo Sironi and produced by LittleBull Studios, and shot in the coming weeks and it’s planned for next spring.


Tescoma Team: Nicoletta Abeni, Chiara Pelati and Lisa Lini

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative Direction: Monica Pirocca and Michela Sartorio

Photographic Shooting: Sara Fileti


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