The launch campaign for Lavazza ¡Tierra! created by Armando Testa is currently on air on TV and will soon also be in cinemas, posters and digital. The stars of the communication, which features “¡Tierra! Bio ” as the flagship product, are a pair of hands: the ideal symbol of the ¡Tierra! brand since they represent both work and sustainability. Using a range of formats, the commercial describes the journey that Lavazza’s new organic coffee makes, from the places of origin to reach us, with a series of video projections that alternate between man and his environment in a totally natural yet surprising way. The screens on which the different images run and then merge are those very hands: different each time, men’s, women’s and children’s, which speak to us of life lived, of commitment, of experience. They add their stories to that of coffee to make it become unique and authentic. Even the soundtrack does not detract from such a “handmade” story: the notes of “With my own two hands” by Ben Harper accompany us throughout the whole film.

Creative directors Federico Bonenti, copywriter and Andrea Lantelme, art director worked on the campaign for Armando Testa with executive creative direction from Michele Mariani.

Production company The Family, directed by Wilfrid Brimo, while photography is by Fulvio Bonavia.