The Armando Testa Group welcomes Guglielmo Pezzino, after lengthy his experience with Publicis,  he is now joining the agency as  Head of Strategy.

“I am very happy to start out on this new journey, it offers me a challenge that is exciting and professionally important, in an agency that has always fascinated me and was one of the first to make me fall in love with this work,” says Guglielmo Pezzino.

I started my professional career as a copywriter and so I’ve always looked at communication with a very creative point of view.

Identifying agencies through their campaigns was a game, a challenge I played with my former colleagues, even with my classmates while I was at school.

Armando Testa always impressed me about this. Over time, in different ways depending on the brand, Armando Testa has always succeeded in expressing its own specific, very unique and recognizable style.

So, today, I feel I have a great opportunity before me, to integrate this creative uniqueness with an equally specific and distinctive strategic approach.

I think I can contribute to building a strategic / creative pathway we can own in Armando Testa, helping brands to be more and more distinctive and vital in the Italian market and in the global landscape, increasingly oriented towards promoting their special features and uniqueness “.

Nicola Belli, Managing Director of the Armando Testa Group, adds “In the Armando Testa Group we never tire of repeating to ourselves that creativity is the true and ultimate goal of our work, that’s why we are proud to welcome Guglielmo, his early career as a creative and now as a strategist. We are confident that Guglielmo will enable us to do exactly what brands need:  trace clear and structured pathways, always connected to the heart of our business, creativity! “


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