At long last two Italian excellences finally meet, after a six-month pitch which involved four agencies.

The agency is already at work for a first spot that will be broadcast in France, Italy and subsequently in several other European countries. It will focus on the certification that confirms the olives are 100% Italian origin.

This project really opens up to the public and shows great commitment, it describes the company becoming an ambassador for Italianness and gives consumers an ever more central role in the most important phases of the supply chain.

The collaboration between Costa d’Oro and Armando Testa will last three years and will cover all the brand’s communication projects.

“We smelt the aroma of Olio Costa D’Oro, the oil of the Italian national football team for 6 months … and we couldn’t wait to taste it.
First course, second course, cheese, bread and who knows how many other recipes we’ll be able to sample, we’ve got a good three years! ” says Nicola Belli, Member of the Board of Armando Testa.


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