It’s what dreams are made for: win 10,000 euros in 24 hours, testing out the comfort of a seaboard voyage.

This is the amazing “engagement” which starts off the new Moby and Tirrenia AAA Viaggiatori Cercasi (AAA Travellers Wanted) campaign, created by Armando Testa. A real, actual job advertisement aimed at smart travellers, to find 3 candidates who are experts: a “food lover”, an explorer on the look out for great food, a “family manager” skilled in organising family holidays and a capable “travel expert” who can find the best trips at the lowest prices.

The main touch points of the integrated campaign are TV, radio (with 3 subjects of 15″) and a digital platform on which the entire operation lands. It invites users to apply by sending a simple selfie video presentation. Then everyone can vote online for their favourite candidates. Moby and Tirrenia will then choose the three travellers who, this summer will be involved in fantastic on-board experience which will be documented on social media.

The entire operation will be followed on social media, on the official channels of Moby and Tirrenia with an ad hoc editorial plan that includes posts and Instagram stories. The landing page dedicated to will be the platform where applications can be collected. The launch of the operation will be reinforced online by the involvement of a couple of “family influencers”: The Pozzolis Family.

The campaign was conceived by Fabiano Pagliara, Francesca Romaldo and Marco Abbro with creative direction from Jacopo Morini. It describes the challenge that Moby and Tirrenia are setting for Italians in a fresh and engaging way: demonstrate that their attitude and passion can become a real job, at least for one day.

The goal is to demonstrate, in an unexpected and engaging way, that Moby and Tirrenia are not afraid of comparisons and represent the ideal solution for anyone looking comfort and good value when travelling.

The campaign will be progressively aired from May 19th on national and satellite networks, on the major radio networks and the web.
Media planning by Media Italia.

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini

Creative team: Fabiano Pagliara, Marco Abbro, Francesca Romaldo

Production company: Little Bull

Director: Jacopo Morini

Project management: Francesca Romaldo

Digital creative director: Antonello Falcone 

Tech & Innovation Lead – Marco Savojardo

Social media management – Fabio Cuscunà 

Digital art director – Fabio Camera 

Moby – Soggetto Food Lover


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