After reaching the top of the podium in the pitch organized by the motorcycle giant, Yamaha Motor Europe, Armando Testa has finally taken to the track to present their new creativity at EICMA 2019, the most important show in the sector.

The historical Italian agency has created the entire communication for the European and world launch of the brand’s latest models: from Urban Mobility to Hyper Naked, whizzing along from Sport Touring to Sport Scooter.

Very different products and creativity but they all share a great goal: explore new communicative and strategic territories without compromising the positioning of each segment.

So the new Tricity 300, with its even more powerful engine, is introduced as the “Best Move in Town” turning the common city obstacles into 5-star experiences!
The new Hyper Naked MT-03 and MT-125 models invite adults and teenagers to the “Dark Side of Japan”: in the MT-03 video a young biker challenges the eastern divinity of lightning, Raijin with his urban lightning bolt. MT-125 instead shows us the transformation of a video game played by a group of teenagers into a real motorcycle race through the streets of Tokyo, because the most exciting game is right out there!

The Tracer 700 expresses the need for evasion and adrenaline every motorcyclist feels with the tagline: “It’s Your Turn” and it tells the story of a man who gets his mojo back after taking a liberating ride around hairpin bends.

Finally, the T-Max560 goes back to its roots with the campaign “You Belong to the Max”: men busy doing lots of different things, hear the call of the new TMax as an all-enduring signal that lights up the eyes of anyone who belongs to this world.

But it’s not just creativity that is “made in Armando Testa”, even video production and the photo shots were handled by Little Bull, the group’s in-house production company.
The 5 launches will be supported by a range of digital and social activities, planned on the main channels of the motorcycle brand.

And this is just the beginning of a journey that will see Yamaha and Armando Testa achieving maximum performance together.

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Creative Direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative Team: Laura Sironi, Marta Agostini, Sebastien Sardet, Andrea Dell’Osa, Elisa Marina Melagrani, Luisa Codispoti

Client Service Team: Sascha Van Der Plas, Nicoletta Pittino, Gabriele Nolfo

Production Company: Studios Little Bull

Directors: Di∙AL (MT-03 and MT-125) and Edoardo Lugari (Tricity, Tracer 700, TMax560)

Photographers: Marco Campelli, Matthijs van Roon


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