Chiquita and Armando Testa celebrate spring with the artist Michela Picchi.


Spring is in the air…. and that’s not all! There’s a hint of this fine season on Chiquita’s icon blue stickers too, thanks to the work of the illustrator Michela Picchi. This special edition decorates 200 million bananas all over the work from 14 March.

The artist is known for her palette of lively colours and together with the Armando Testa Agency, she has created a special edition of the blue stickers for Chiquita, featuring joyful illustrations which are a celebration of renewal and serenity. Everything has attractive colours, engaging drawings and unmistakeable springtime imagery which blend perfectly with the bright yellow of Chiquita bananas. 

Michela Picchi has captured the Chiquita’s bright identity and spirit which is always bold and fun perfectly.  That’s how she wanted to celebrate springtime, marking the coming of warmer days and new beginnings, conveying the excitement everyone experiences when the new season arrives with the images on the stickers.  This year more than ever.


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