Cooking gets cunning with Tescoma and Armando Testa: the new tale of the Girafrittata is on its way.


 “If you want to be a fox in the kitchen…”. That how the new Tescoma film begins.  Another chapter of the successful Fairy tale campaign, which features utensils and household appliances as our home heroes, opens with the Girafrittata. The communication project created by the collaboration between the Armando Testa Agency and the Tescoma love brand continues. “Your house. Your story” is a narrative that turns reality into something fantastic thanks to the brand’s ability to empathize with the everyone’s daily domestic routine. 

In the new Tescoma film, a woman with a shiny red ponytail is moving around her kitchen as cunning as a fox, ready to reveal the secret of all the cunning things she’s been up to in the kitchen. The final twist is the other side of the … Girafrittata: a second pan attached to the first one that lets you easily turn the food without burning. 

The 15” film, made by the production company Armando Testa Studios, was directed by Augusto Storeroand is on air on TV from 9 October. Press, digital and social media will follow, as well as inclusion in various other initiatives throughout the country. Girafrittata has already starred in the event Il Tempo delle Donne 2022 in Milan with a dedicated Masterclass and with a special issue of the press campaign on 9 September in Corriere della SeraGirafrittata was featured in the event My Personal Trainer on 1 and 2 October in Milan, and in November it will be involved in “C’è più gusto” (There is more taste) event in Bologna, organized by La Repubblica.

Cooking gets cunning with Tescoma. And if you really can’t reach the grapes, you can certainly console yourself with a delicious frittata.


Creative Directors: Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca

Creative team: Giorgia Giuliano

Client Director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account: Francesca Toschi

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios 

Director: Augusto Storero

Press campaign shot: Gabriele Inzaghi

Music: My Poetry Field, original track by Opera Music


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