With the new Esselunga campaign, created by Armando Testa, products returns to centre stage as icons, just as they did in the most successful communications they’ve ever run. Treated with imagination, energy and friendliness, they combine a unique style with contemporary language.

The protagonists are a series of friendly characters who create a new languge to talk everyday quality and good value.

They’re actually created from fruit, veggies and more, and as representatives of all the products they use typical emoji expressions to communicate the emotions that only Esselunga knows how to give its clients.

The new characters start off with the most corporate values, then talk about services, to end up with the discounts and special offers. They convey a world made not only of experience but also warmth, service and offering a great selection.

The campaign uses universal contemporary expressions, which have recently become part of our every day language, making it modern and engaging and they succeeed in explaining that good value is a wider asset than just savings.

And if Esselunga quality and good value are able to generate so many emotions that they give life to their products, this can happen because every day for 60 years you’ve been able to find something amazing in all their points of sale and so treat yourself whenever you feel like it.

That’s where the new pay off comes from “Esselunga. Straordinario Quotidiano” (Esselunga. Amazing everyday) it will feature with with brand in all its new communicaitons.

The communication plan starts from 16th October in outdoor (with maxi formats in Milan and Rome), dailies and magazines, radio and digital.

The campaign was created by the Armando Testa creative team.

Media plannig by Media Italia.

Digital version by TDH, the digital unit of the Group.