Not all headaches are the same. Angelini reaffirms leadership of the Moment line in treating different types of headaches with the communication launch of their new Momenxsin which fights nasal congestion headaches

The campaign was created by Armando Testa and it repeats the format used for Laboratory with the well-known presenter and the giant sized crystal heads. Thanks to the transparency of the crystal, we can see the nasal cavities inside the head with their typical X-shape, and they gradually turn red from the base to the forehead to show the inflammation and consequent pain.

The X of the nasal cavities and the X of the name Momenxsin come together to emphasise the problem and the solution.

The Momenxsin tablet, which causes both headache and nasal congestion to disappear, arrives on the crystal head at the same time as the presenter is giving her explanation. The film concludes with a beautiful moment with an autumn flavour: a little girl with a cone of roasted chestnuts hugs her dad, at last he has got rid of his headache and blocked nose so he is delighted to smell their great aroma.

On air from mid October on major TV channels, cinema and the web in cuts of 30 “and 15”. With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, Tina Salvato and Chiara Demichelis worked on the project. Production Company Little Bull.

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