Our lives are made up of lots of little moments of happiness.  

Droplets of joy hidden in the routine of our everyday lives that we have to seize. Because that’s where magic happens every time.

That’s the message that underpins the new campaign created by Armando Testa Turin for Mortadella Favola from Salumificio Mec Palmieri, a new client for the Agency.

This is a special product, as its name suggests, because it was created thanks to the intuition of the Palmieri family who have patented packaging which is completely different from anything else.  

Favola is actually the only mortadella stuffed into its skin and hand stitched to preserve all the aroma  and fragrance typical of freshly cooked food.  

The creativity of Armando Testa Turin brings six short interlocking stories together which develop into one big story: a dinner in an enchanted forest, a prince charming like his pyjamas who saves a princess from a party gone wrong, a young chef who can turn a pumpkin into something extraordinary, a dad who comes home to find a surprise waiting for him, a grandfather filmed in Super8 playing with his grandson, a kid who sees fantastic things inside a delicatessen. 

Six slices of life that unfold like the chapters of a modern fairy tale, in which “Favola” is the clear star: the switch that can turn on magic and bring happiness and good humour to people. The pleasure of living happily ever after. 

The campaign has been on air since 12 December on social networks with a special pack dedicated to the key visual in mass market distribution channels and in the main points of sale. 

Production Company Armando Testa Studios and planning by Media Italia.


Client: Salumificio Mec Palmieri

Agency: Armando Testa Torino

Creative Direction: Federico Bonenti, Andrea Lantelme.

Creative Team: Elisa Bellino, Laura Celli Volta

Client Service: Giovanna Farè, Gabriele Nolfo

Social Media Manager: Eleonora Valerisce

Production company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Maria Guidone

Director of Photography: Corrado Serri

Media: Media Italia


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