“Straight or with wine in Triveneto they drink Gingerino” Sanpellegrino and Armando Testa together for the new Gingerino campaign. 


Simplicity, freshness and tradition have always been what makes Gingerino stand out. This original aperitif  from Triveneto is communicating once again right in  the area where it has its origins with a radio and outdoor campaign created by the Armando Testa agency.

Straight or with wine, in Triveneto they drink Gingerino, runs through the campaign like a mantra, to express the strong bond between the brand and Triveneto on the one hand, and the classic drinking ritual on the other.

Exactly so, because throughout Triveneto Gingerino represents a real ritual to enjoy at any time of the day, at a bar with friends or at home with the  family.

The result is a light sparkling communication just like the soul of the product. Each radio subject is a fun quote from the city being mentioned. One above all the others, Verona: “Gingerino, Gingerino why are you Gingerino even if you have wine inside? – Because it’s always me, Gingerino!” recites the radio ad.

Oltre al periodo primaverile, la campagna animerà il Triveneto anche in estate, nei mesi di giugno e luglio.

The radio campaign will run on all the main radio stations in Trentino, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia until 9 April, with a schedule to make you smile and really make you want to stop and taste it or buy it.

Gingerino outdoor featuring its iconic cap will also run until 9 April in Venice, Vicenza and Padua. In addition to the spring period, the campaign will liven up Triveneto in the summer, in June and July too.

Armando Testa Credits:

Executive Creative Direction: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

Creative Team: Roberto Gargano, Maria Meioli, Roberto Capodanno