Mortadella Favola at the cinema and on tv for Christmas 2023 with Armando Testa Turin.


Ad created by Armando Testa Turin in cinemas in the Rai circuit from 21 December to 3 January and from 24 December to 6 January on main television channels.

San Prospero (Mo), 22 December 2023. Mortadella Favola from Salumificio Palmieri, one of the most important businesses for Italian cured meats running in cinemas from 21 December to 6 January: the evocative advertising campaign created by the Armando Testa Turin agency for Salumificio Palmieri, will air in cinemas in the Rai Pubblicità cinema cicrcuit ahead of the most hotly awaited releases of the year. The ad was shot in the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti in Modena, and will be shown in 155 cinemas totaling 727 screens throughout Italy. TV showing has also been confirmed on Mediaset and Rai networks from 24 December to 6 January.

“We are happy to be along side Italians during the festive season with our ad in cinemas and on TV  – comments  Francesco Palmieri, CEO of Salumificio Palmieri. The ad was filmed in 2023, and it embodies the values that describe our business culture: a strong bond with the Modena area, given Pavarotti’s background in Modena, the unique decisive taste of our best loved product, but also our fun and convivial spirit which is so appropriate particulary at Christmas”.

The curtain is up on both the big and small screen: an elegant choir, dressed in black, murmur in a subdued way Schiller’s Anthem to Joy, at the same time sampling Mortadella Favola. A sequence of images and melodies rapidly turn the singer lighter airier stronger and more intense, the close ups of the choir smiling with expressions of pleasure. An amused “salumiere” slices  the cured meats in the theatre  foyer, ready to serve his fellow diners. The narration is endowed with a touch of magic, combining rigour and irony in a direct and effective blend. The closure ends with pay-off “MMMortadella Favola: che gioia per il palato!”(MMMortadella Favola: what joy for the palate!) which is also the title of the ad. The choir is from the Carlo and Guglielmo Andreoli Music School  in Mirandola, Orchestra conductor Maestro Mirco Besutti.

The campaign can also be viewed on Mortadella Favola’s social channels with a dedicated social pack, with ad hoc adapted cuts and static contents that feature all the phases, teaser, on air and follow up.

Production by Armando Testa Studios directed by Simone Rovellini. Planning by Media Italia.


Client: Salumificio Mec Palmieri

Agency: Armando Testa Turin

Creative Direction: Andrea Lantelme, Federico Bonenti

Creative Team: Sara Greco, Antonella Raso, Clara Vincelli

Client Directioni: Giovanna Farè

Client Service: Gabriele Nolfo

Social Media Manager: Fabio Cuscunà, Sara Zavattaro

Motion Designer: Luca Perli

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Simone Rovellini