“New Ypsilon Range. “Tech à porter. Wireless technology. Uncompromising elegance.” on air with Cristiana Capotondi. Created by Armando Testa.


The new Ypsilon Range, even more connected, even more efficient and even more stylish.

“Tech à porter. Wireless technology. Uncompromising elegance.” That’s the claim of the communication campaign dedicated to the new Lancia Ypsilon Range. It describes how technology and elegance blend together and are embodied in the new model in perfect Lancia style. The actor Cristiana Capotondi, the brand testimonial, stars in the ad. She faces everyday life on board her Lancia Ypsilon, being ever more connected, efficient and stylish thanks also to her “friendly” travel companion: a red “E. Marinella by Lancia” bag. In a musical crescendo, the ad, along with 4 short videos, describes some moments in a “typical” day in city traffic, highlighting the winning features of the new car, even in the most unpredictable situations. Developed for TV, print and digital, the communication campaign was created by the creative agency Armando Testa, the ad was directed by Ago Panini, production company Movie Magic, with soundtrack by the maestro Flavio Ibba.

The record-breaking Lancia Ypsilon achieved the best market share in its history in 2022, consolidating its leadership in segment B for the fourth consecutive year.

Link comunicatohttps://www.media.stellantis.com/it-it/lancia/press/nuova-gamma-ypsilon-tecnologia-senza-fili-ed-eleganza-senza-compromessi


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