Riso Gallo and Armando Testa post the recipes of Great Chefs online in an interactive journey celebrating the culture of rice .

Guida Gallo which offers an journey visiting masterpiece dishes created by great Italian and international chefs, is now available online too.

Riso Gallo, together with the Armando Testa agency, has selected ten recipes from the 11th edition of Guida Gallo and collated them in a digital extract entitled “da Guida Gallo: le tue Feste Gourmet”. (From Guida Gallo: your Gourmet Feasts)

This is not only a recipe book with masterpiece dishes ideal for Christmas menus, but also a way to enhance and ensure the hard copy Guide, a great reference for the world of gastronomic publishing,  has contemporary look.

A specially designed section on the Riso Gallo website is  dedicated to the extract. The visual identity remains consistent with the aesthetics of the Guide while, at the same time, adapting  to the digital context: an interactive path through masterpiece recipes, with a simple and intuitive journey.

The ecosystem designed by Armando Testa includes several touchpoints: social PR activation involving the Chefs as ambassadors of the Guide, the new section as a digital hub and collection of recipes and, finally, a DEM marketing campaign with a drive-to-website perspective. A complete environment integrating an important editorial project with a totally new way of using it – a perfect example of a phygital ecosystem.

The project has been online since 21st December,  and it will be supported by social content published on Riso Gallo’s digital properties.

This is what the up-to-date version of the tradition of this itinerary of taste, started in 1998, looks like.


Armando Testa

Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Digital Creative Direction: Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio

Creative team: Dario D’Angelo, Daniele Bona, Laura Celli Volta, Laura Guida, Matteo Cattaneo

Chief Innovation Officer: Alessandro Peroncini

Tech Lead: Marco Savoiardo

Front-end Developer: Alessio Cracchiolo

Account and Project Managers: Gina Graci, Federica Cartocci

Head of Social and Digital Media: Fabio Cuscunà

Social Media Manager: Sara Zavattaro


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