New Tantum Verde Collutorio (mouth wash) rinsesssssss away mouth pain! Creativity by Armando Testa

Tantum Verde Collutorio communication is back on TV. This is one of the brand’s best known and best loved products, which has always been an effective self-medicating way to tackle pain in the oral cavity. 

The creativity in cuts of 20” has been on air since 4 September on main TV channels and the web, and once again it was created by the Armando Testa agency, the historical partner of the Tantum Verde brand and of Angelini Pharma. 

Directed in an elegant and modern way by the duo Es.Poire and produced by Think Cattleya, this is a film that really “makes you feel”: you can feel the pain in the oral cavity thanks to a sequence of close-ups of people who describe all the causes of their irritation just by their exclamations.  You can feel the cure: a wave of Tantum Verde Collutorio rinses away the pain and puts an end to all the irritations. This aural metaphor is strengthened by a believable and fresh voice over. The healing action of the product is emphasised by a completely new demo, created entirely in 3D to add to the modern and technological look and feel of the communication.


Executive creative directors: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative Team: Monica Barbalonga, Mariarosa Galleano, Lorenzo Blangiardo, Wanda Napoletano. 

Client service: Raffaele Reinerio and Chiara Bonet.


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