Riso Gallo and Armando Testa present the new Basmati line from sustainable agriculture: a rice to love grain after grain.


The new Riso Gallo commercial has been on air since 18 December.  Created by Armando Testa it is dedicated to unique wholemeal Basmati, Black and Red rice from sustainable agriculture.

The histrionic Rooster, the traditional testimonial of the brand’s most fun campaigns is the star of the animation once again.  Forming a heart with his fingers, the gesture which closed the 2021 commercial for the line of sustainable whites, he immediately declares his love for the environment, taste and all the well-being to be found in Red and Black Riso Gallo Basmati rice dishes.

The Rooster duplicates himself to reinforce his words: the screen is divided into three, recalling the 9:16 format typical of instagram stories, we can see a Rooster picking ears of rice, a second Rooster smelling a plate of Basmati and a third busy jogging. The coloured backgrounds, an absolute first in the Gallo campaigns, accentuate the lively pop character of the animation.

While presenting the complete line, once again we see just one Rooster, like the format of the screen. In this final scene we discover the characteristics of the rice varieties in the Line: the fragrance, goodness and sustainability, unique qualities that make them irresistible, “to be loved grain after grain”.

The commercial is on air on TV and digital in a 15″ cut, and it is supported by a display campaign and social content, always with the unmistakable free-range and appealing “look” of the Rooster and always with the Creative Direction of the Armando Testa Agency, partner of Riso Gallo also for all Italian digital assets and for Global coordination since 2022.


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani 

Creative team: Dario D’Angelo, Daniele Bona

Account team: Gina Graci, Federica Cartocci

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Rooster animation: H7-25 Studio

Voice of the Rooster/Gallo: Paolo de Santis 

Media planning: Asset Media


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