Riso Gallo and Armando Testa shine a spotlight on their line of sustainable agriculture Basmati rice: rice to enjoy grain after grain. 

Riso Gallo is getting talked about again, about its values and its goodness with a new version of their ad created by Armando Testa and dedicated to the line of Basmati rice which has been on air again from 16th July. The Black and whole red rice are the only ones in Italy that originate from sustainable agriculture. 

Just like in the original film, the star of the fun 3D animation is the over-the-top rooster. Just for a moment he splits into three and declares his love for the environment, great flavour and wellbeing: the same values embodied in the Basmati rices, Rosso and Nero Riso Gallo, and that we can enjoy as we savour them.

While the Rooster is describing the goodness of the different types of rice, the animation is interrupted to allow us to see a shot of the ingredients that come together in a spectacular way: grains of rice flying across grated carrots and fresh edamame landing on a bed of steam cooked Basmati rice, next to tempting slices of salmon. A light drizzle of soya sauce completes an irresistible poké bowl, a dish which is perfect for summer. 

The final shot of the ad returns to the Rooster, with the entire line of rices now in front of him. After reminding us that they all originate from sustainable agriculture, in his typical over the top way, he lets out a cry that is also the historical payoff of the brand: Riso Gallo, chicchiricchi of fantasy!

The commercial is on air on TV and digital in 20” cut and will be supported by social contents, always featuring the unmistakeable “look” of the friendly farmyard rooster and always with creative direction from the Armando Testa agency.

Produced by Armando Testa Studios. Planning managed by Media Italia, which has been Riso Gallo’s media centre since June.


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani 

Creative team: Dario D’Angelo, Daniele Bona

Account team: Gina Graci, Federica Cartocci

Production company: Armando Testa Studios

Animation of the Gallo/rooster: H7-25 Studio

Voice of the Gallo/rooster: Paolo de Santis 

Media centre: Media Italia


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