A “Maestro” holiday in Umbria: the new spring promotional campaign for tourism in Umbria, created by Armando Testa is on air from 2nd April

Perugia April ‘23 – Perugino emerges furtively from his famous painting “The Adoration of the Magi” which is in the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia, then he sets off towards the exit  to discover  all the beauty in the cities and villages of Umbria: the campaign to promote tourism in the Region of Umbria is starting again,  and this time, “the finest Maestro of Italy” in person, is the one who will promote the spring season with a new ad created by Armando Testa, airing on TV from 2 April.

The film opens in one of the most beautiful rooms of the National Gallery, from where Perugino sets off, once in the streets, he volunteers to be an unusual guide for a couple of tourists, out to discover the beauties of Umbria.

The frenetic journey of the threesome touches on places that are close to the heart of the great artist: from Città della Pieve to Trasimeno, from Panicale to the waterfalls of Marmore Falls. A sequence of spectacular villages, breathtaking landscapes and masterpieces. All the ingredients to ensure that a holiday in Umbria is an unforgettable experience.

The ad closes with an invitation to “Vivere l’arte con nuove emozioni” (Experience art with new emotions) and the historic pay-off “Umbria. Cuore verde d’Italia”. (Umbria. The Green heart of Italy).

The communication campaign includes a rotation of three 30” subjects. In the final part, they photograph different sites to show everything that makes up the panoramas in Umbria. From May, the journey will feature additional areas in Umbria as a backdrop.

Produced by Armando Testa Studios and directed by Luca Grafner; media strategy by The Gate Communication.


Client: Region of Umbria

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative Direction: Raffaele Balducci

Creative team: Raffaele Balducci, Daniele Bona

Client Service: Giovanna Farè

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Executive Producer: Raffaele Romano

Producer: Chicco Ronchetti

Director: Luca Grafner

Music: Opera Music


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